MyRocks is an open source project that integrates with RocksDB as a new MySQL storage engine. It gives users better read efficiency, better write efficiency, and better space efficiency for better performance on flash storage.

Key MyRocks features

Greater Space Efficiency

MyRocks has 2x better compression compared to compressed InnoDB, 3-4x better compression compared to uncompressed InnoDB, meaning you use less space.

Greater Writing Efficiency

MyRocks has a 10x less write amplification compared to InnoDB, giving you better endurance of flash storage and improving overall throughput.

Faster Replication

No random reads for updating secondary keys, except for unique indexes. The Read-Free Replication option does away with random reads when updating primary keys, regardless of uniqueness, with a row-based binary logging format.

Faster Data Loading

MyRocks writes data directly onto the bottommost level, which avoids all compaction overheads when you enable faster data loading for a session.


Classical web application environment with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. PHP works as the mod_php Apache module.

Optional components: Memcached, Redis, Tarantool.


Modern web application environment with Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP. It is similiar to the LAMP stack, where Apache is replaced with the lightweight yet powerful Nginx. PHP works in php-fpm mode.

Optional components: Memcached, Redis, Tarantool.


A flexible project management web application.


A free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP


A free and open source content-management system and framework written in PHP and using relational database management system as a storage.